How one of our hotel clients is about to start saving $7000/month!!!!!

Ok guys, this is big! The credit card company we work with has a program that allows a business to add a credit card fee to the customers advertised price and if the customer chooses to pay with debit, check, or in-store gift card, no fee is added.

Potentially no more credit card fees! or at least WAY less! 😮 😮 😮

This is going to save one of our clients $7000/month in credit card fees!!!!

Let’s break it down before our heads explode with excitement or you write it off as too good to be true!

The program is fully compliant, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Only the fees for credit card transactions are passed. Your customers can always pay with a debit card to avoid any fees.

Easy Setup- plug and play equipment.

Transparent Pricing- full transparency on all pricing and programs for you and your customers.

All payment types are accepted including ApplePay and AndroidPay.

Now this fee is clearly outlined on a separate line item on the customer’s receipt and there must be a sign posted where the customer checks out that notes this. No funny business.

This may create some uncomfortable conversations with customers, but I think with some scripts prepared for your team, that could really be mitigated.

Customers will either 1) not pay any attention, 2) understand how much the hotel industry is hurting and happily pay the fee, or 3) push back against this extra fee in which case you can refund it for them.

You also get to pick the percentage to pass on up to 4%, so you could pass on 2%. That would still create considerable breathing room for you and may be easier to communicate to the customer.

Credit card fees are a huge expense for hotels, so this would be exciting in the best of times. Right now though? Oh my goodness. I’m so pumped about it.

It’s important to note, we’ve been an affiliate for our processor (Payroc) for years now. We LOVE them! And our clients who use them LOVE them!

They are super straight forward and helpful, which is NOT always the case for merchant processors (am I right?).

So tell us what you think! Would finding a new cost savings right now make a difference for you?

If you want more information click HERE and we’ll send you more details!

Please note; this program is not available in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Connecticut. There are some special rules for it in New York and Maine. Everywhere else it is golden!!